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At York Howell, our sole focus and objective is to provide the best estate, tax, business planning, real estate law, and litigation in the Intermountain West. In order to accomplish that, we set a high standard for every attorney and staff member who works at our firm.

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Taking on the representation of a client is a tremendous honor. We know that there are a lot of choices in the market. That is why we have been careful to select only those attorneys and staff who share our essential core values. This has allowed us to put together a team of professionals that we truly believe is second to none. They are fantastic people who are great to work with and who genuinely care for each client and the issues they are facing.


A Firm Built on Four Values

The foundation of our firm is predicated on 4 fundamental values that we require to be pervasive in all of our interactions with our clients. These values are Connection, Artistry, Generosity, and Excellence.

“C A G E”

01. Connection

York Howell attorneys strive to create long standing relationships with clients. This can only be achieved if there is a connection with our clients beyond the billable hour. While a matter we are assisting you with may finish, we want you to come back to us if you ever have another issue. Long term relationships are formed through connection, not through a simple transaction, and we take that seriously. Our attorneys will take the time to truly understand the legal issues at hand, but more importantly, your goals as a client.

02. Artistry

The legal profession is changing dramatically. Online resources and artificial intelligence will certainly change the way clients address their legal needs. What cannot be replaced by technology is the artistry that is needed in looking at an extremely complicated issue a client is facing, knowing the potential legal tools available to that client to solve the issue, and artistically using those tools to create a positive outcome.

03. Generosity

The legal profession can often times be viewed as a transactional business. We view it as a relational business and we truly believe that being generous is a core value of a great relationship. That is why we strive to be generous with both our time and our talents when it comes to our coworkers, our clients, and our community.

04. Excellence

Although excellence is the final value, it is certainly no less important than any of the others and, like the others, is one of the cornerstones of our firm. We want our clients to experience the highest standards of quality in all of their dealings with us. That begins with the first contact with our office and continues all the way through our legal representation of you and the outcomes we hope to achieve.


Relating to another on a deeper level where lasting bonds are made and meaningful community is created.


Creative skill to take endeavors to a higher, more expressive level.


Giving of your time, efforts or resources without receiving back as in trade, lessening of yourself for the benefit of others.


Striving for a high standard of quality even when more effort is required, refusal to settle for mediocrity in one’s endeavors.

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York Howell was formed in 2013 by David R. York and Andrew L. Howell. David and Andrew had practiced law at previous larger law firms in the Salt Lake City area. They quickly realized that the legal profession was failing to keep up to speed with the changing times. Long gone are the days of the generalist attorney, i.e. the attorney that can handle a litigation matter for you and also draft your Last Will and Testament.

The fact is, the law is extremely complicated and becoming more so all the time. As our firm has grown from 2 attorneys to 20, we have concentrated partnering with those other attorneys who are recognized as the expert in their very specific areas of the law. We find that our clients have multifaceted issues that need to be addressed in their own unique way. We have been fortunate to attract some of the best legal minds in regard to our 4 main practice areas of Estate and Tax Planning, Business Planning and Corporate Law, Real Estate, and Litigation. Our growth has occurred organically, responding to what we see as the needs of our clients.

Our proven professionals are available to assist in any way we can.