Supporting Staff


Cathy Sparks

Cathy’s passions are constant learning and lifting others. She was born in Santiago, Chile, and moved to Utah at 12 years of age. She learned English in Jr. High and was so deliberate in her language learning process that you would never know that she’s not a native speaker. As an adult, she realized that all of the world’s knowledge is at her fingertips. If she wanted to know something or learn how to do something, she could find it in a book. She’s never without a book. She’s constantly reading (listening) to books and implementing what she’s learned. Nothing can hold her back. Cathy has a way with people because she loves everyone, and they can feel it. She thrives on lifting those around her.

Cathy has three children, loves to travel, and creates meaningful experiences with her family. Experiences over things is her family motto. Cathy is a renaissance woman whose skills and interests know no bounds. She’s a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, a photographer, a customer experience guru, a marketing genius, a teacher, and quite a legal assistant. York Howell is lucky to have her as part of the team.

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