Sophisticated Business Structuring

Businesses operate in a complex and sophisticated world, and their legal and tax structure needs to be just as sophisticated. One of the primary focuses of York Howell & Guymon is helping closely held businesses achieve their goals and plan for the many risks they face in the market place. Specifically, we help closely held business owners with the following:

Tax Structuring
On any given airline flight, you might be hard pressed to find two people who paid the same fare, even though they are headed in the same direction. The same is true with business owners and their taxes. At York Howell & Guymon, we can do a comprehensive review with your existing tax advisors to ensure you are paying the lowest taxes legally possible.

Capital and Equity Protection
Asset protection is not just for individuals. Businesses can also take steps to protect their assets. We can review your current business structure and infuse valuable planning in case of outside attack.

Succession Planning
For a business to continue to thrive in periods of uncertainty, it is critical to have a comprehensive succession plan to deal with the four D’s the owners of any business may face: Death, Disability, Divorce, or Departure (through retirement or other termination of employment). At York Howell & Guymon, we have worked with countless closely held businesses to design and implement effective succession plans.

Employee Retention and Compensation
Key employees are the life blood of any successful business. We help businesses utilize a wide variety of equity and non-equity arrangements to help encourage, incentivize, and retain key employees. We can also help you with employment contracts and covenants not to compete to also help protect your future operations from departing employees and other owners.

Corporate Maintenance
Businesses can have the best legal structure in the World, but if you do not follow the necessary corporate formalities for your type of business, all of that planning and protection can be at risk. We can help you not only set up the best legal structure for your operations, but we can also help you maintain it.

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