10 Questions to Ask

10 questions to ask your current or prospective attorney:

  1. Are you licensed to practice in any State other than Utah?
  2. Do you annually attend specialized training outside the State of Utah?
  3. Will you give me a set price for work you do before you start?
  4. Will you make any changes I want to my plan during the first year at no charge?
  5. Do you charge for phone calls when I have a question about my planning?
  6. Will you give me your personal cell phone number if I ask for it?
  7. Will you provide me with online access to my planning documents?
  8. Have attorneys at your firm successfully represented clients before the IRS at Audit, Appeals, and Tax Court?
  9. Will you provide me a list of clients who would recommend your services?
  10. Do you regularly train and educate others on tax and estate planning?

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