Leading By Example, Teaching Children The Importance of Estate Planning

Learning proper financial habits is something that should be engrained in children while they are still young and impressionable. What they learn will serve them well in adulthood and even retirement. Teaching children beneficial financial habits while they are young can help them with asset protection and estate planning in their futures.

The team at York Howell is here to help clients in Salt Lake City with their irrevocable trusts and asset protection. The skills practiced by parents are easily bequeathed to young children simply through leading by example. As children watch their parents save and prepare, those habits will likely be picked up and they will incorporate those tactics into their own money saving habits. The team at York Howell can help instill crucial money saving tactics into parents, whom in turn can teach those skills and habits to their children, thus preparing them for a financially sound future.

All parents in Salt Lake City can teach their children effective asset protection and estate planning habits at a young age simply by rewarding children for completing certain tasks and conditioning them to use money cautiously. After a child completes a chore, an allowance can be paid, which the child can choose to spend as they please. If parents have demonstrated the importance of saving and protecting money, children are likely to save the money rather than spend it. Furthermore, the incentive of a reward teaches children that hard work pays off and that wealth and assets must be earned.

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