Trust York Howell With Business and Personal Estate Planning

It’s common to take the precautionary steps of asset protection to keep one’s personal wealth in the family in anticipation of death. Businesses should not be forgotten in the midst of all the preparation and protection. York Howell is here to help keep things simple and protect both business and personal wealth.


Bad business deals can often leave one with little to no assets, unless the proper steps have been taken to prevent these losses. At York Howell, we have the knowledge and experience required to properly go about asset protection for both personal and business purposes. Based in Salt Lake City, there is a wide demographic of clients who seek after our knowledge and services for their business and personal estate planning.


The team at York Howell aims to provide each client with a comfortable feeling, knowing that they have done the right things to keep their personal and business wealth in their control were anything ever to happen to them. Clients from Salt Lake City and all over seek the counsel of York Howell because of the knowledge and skills the team has to offer that allows them to create a unique asset protection plan that best fits each individual client’s personal and business needs.

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